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Carbon fiber sandwich panels -- ultrastrong and lightweight

Protech Composites sandwich panels are exceedingly strong, yet surprisingly lightweight. We offer glossy, mirror finish sandwich panels customized with core material and skin thickness to your specific application. With a selection of four different carbon fiber skins (.25mm, .5mm, 1.0mm and 1.3mm) and three different cores – honeycomb, balsa and foam core, you can specify the right materials for your project.

These panels are made with our high gloss carbon fiber face sheets on BOTH sides. Super strong, ultra lightweight and perfectly flat, with a finish no one else can match. They’re great for your weight critical AND cosmetic critical applications. 

Three cores are available. Which core is right for your needs?

  • Nomex honeycomb is exceptionally stiff, exceedingly strong, and amazingly lightweight. It's the best choice when a weight is critical.
  • Balsa is strong and relatively lightweight, but not appropriate for applications with moisture. The best choice for greatest strength.
  • Foam is lighter and not as vulnerable to moisture as balsa, and stronger than honeycomb. It provides temperature and noise insulation and is an excellent balance of strength and light weight.

Each core is available in several thicknesses. Contact us at info@protechcomposites.com
or 360-573-7800
for more information or a quote, or see our web page on Sandwich Panels where you will find a limited selection of stock honeycomb core sandwich panels available for purchase online.